Windows 11 Classic Context menu 1.1 Free Download !

Windows 11 Classic Context menu 1.1

Windows 11 Classic Context menu is a lightweight tool designed to restore the classic Context Menu in Windows 11, so you can access what you need faster.Restored the classic Context Menu in Win11 so that you can access extra functions and features without having to click on the Show More options with this tool.If you happen to take a closer look at Windows 11, then you probably noticed that a lot of things have changed compared to the previous versions. Let’s take the Context Menu, for instance, that includes the basic file management actions and hides other commonly used actions. You can still access them, but every time you do, you need to click on the Show More Options.

Windows 11 Classic Context Menu Features :

Toggle the classic menu on and off as needed
The application does not require installation, so you can simply download and you are ready to tweak your Context menu. The program comes with a small and intuitive interface that includes three main options, enabling the default menu, classic menu and restarting the explorer. As you probably hinted, if you want to get the old context menu back, you need to toggle the Enable Win11 Classic Context Menu Style on.It is worth mentioning that you can also restore the classic Windows 10 menu by editing the registry keys. Then again, let’s not forget that modifying registry keys can be risky and you may end up having to reinstall the operating system, if you do not know what you are doing. The app on the other hand, provides a one-click solution to restoring the classic menu.

A simple and straightforward tool that can increase productivity
While it may not seem like much at first, the truth is that if you are using Windows 11 on a work computer that entails accessing the Context menu regularly, that means a lot of time wasted. Windows 11 Classic Context menu comes to address this issue and lend a hand to anyone who wants to be more productive with the new Windows operating system.

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