Windows 10 Dragonball Super Edition v2018 [x64] ISO [Latest!]

Information About Of Windows 10 DragonBall Super Edition 2018 :

OS Name : Windows 10 DragonBall Super Edition 2018
OS Author : WhiteDeath
OS Version : V1709
Features Enabled : 3.5
Updated :- Jan 2018
Convert Mode :- Install.wim<Install.esd

What’s New  Added In Windows 10 DragonBall Super Edition 2018
New Installation Setup / background and faster
New Theme Visual Theme : DBS Themes included +3 more
New Sounds: DragonBall Super
New Wallpaper: DragonBall Super
Icon HUD:Apocalypse
New Cursor Set: DragonBall Super
New Start Button
Aero Enabled

Remove Components services packages from Windows 10 DragonBall Super Edition 2018:
Unified Telemetry Client
biometricservice Windows Biometric Service
diagnostics Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
diskdiagnosis Disk failure diagnostics
dvdplay DVD Play
Ease Of Access Themes
Windows Error Reporting
File History
Kernel Debugging
Windows Subsystem for Linux
Manual Setup
Microsoft Services Store Engagement
Easy Transfer
Skype ORTC
Speech Recognition
Speech TTS
Data Usage service
Windows System Assessment Tool

Removed Components Apps packages Windows 10 DragonBall Super Edition 2018:

Other Files Removed from Windows 10 DragonBall Super Edition 2018:
Retail Demo Content
Other Themes
Sounds (Default)
Sound Themes
Cache and temp files

Tweaks of from Windows 10 DragonBall Super Edition 2018:
Black Viper Best Performance
Tweak Group Privacy
Tweaks Registry

Original ISO:en_windows_10_multi-edition_version_1709_updated_sept_2017_x64_dvd_100090817
Modified ISO:Win.10.DBS.Edition.2018
Convert Mode:Install.wim<Install.esd
Size:3,04 GB (3.272.587.264 byte)
SHA-1: 27f9ba096ddf4d8e9b0a41e780134c52 *Win.10.DBS.Edition.2018.iso

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