VMware Workstation Pro 15.5.2 Build 15785246+Full Keys !

VMware Workstation Pro 15

VMware Workstation Pro 15 Full Version With 2020 Serial Keys works as like VirtualBox is actually a Hypervisor or Virtual Machine Monitor and it means that this software plays the role of a middleware and software and hardware associate to create a virtualization platform, as well as resource management, allowing users to So as to be able to install one or more different operating systems within a host operating system, and can establish network communication between them. Hardware or virtual hardware built on all installed operating systems are the same and fed to the host OS.

VMware Workstation Pro 15 New 2020 Features:

  • The speed and stability of the software
  • Ability to share folders between operating systems
  • Easy transfer of Clipboard and file types between guest and host operating systems
  • Supports drag and drop functionality between operating systems
  • Photo and, in fact, backup, from one or more of the operating system’s installed state and retrieval at the snapshot.
  • Easy operation and floating of lateral hardware such as mouse and keyboard on any operating system
  • Full support for the latest versions of USB ports
  • Compatibility with the latest 32 bit and 64-bit versions of various operating systems

VMware Workstation Pro 15






Build Virtual Networks In VMware Workstation Pro 15
With improved IPv6 support, including IPv6-to-IPv4 Network Address Translation (6to4 and 4to6), users can create more complex networking topologies than ever before. Use the Workstation 12 Pro virtual network editor to add and remove virtual IPv4 or IPv6 networks and create custom virtual networking configurations, ideal for testing and demonstration environments without impacting the PCs network configuration.

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