Video Snapshot&Collage 2.4.7 macOS With Crack+Latest Version

Video Snapshot&Collage 2.4.7 macOS With Crack+Latest Version

A handy, high quality and easy to use video snapshot&montage tool.

[Key Feature]

  1. Base on FFmpeg, support all popular video formats.
  2. Powerful and accurate video clips selection, you won’t miss any wonderful moment.
  3. Rich snapshot option, help to extract the most interesting video frame, and support snapshot preview, help to choose the best snapshot.
  4. Support collage several video snapshots into one image.
    5. Support video image crop, users can eliminate useless part of the video frame to reduce file size greatly.
  5. Support custom output image size, image number and etc
  6. Support iCloud sync.
    8. Emed FFplay, right click can play video from snapshot’s timestamp, help select video clips more accurate


[How To Use it]

Step1: Drag&drop video file into the app
Step2: Mark the start time and end time of interested video clip
Step3: Choose snapshot rule and start to snapshot


  1. How to select video clip?
    Answer: There are 5 way to select video clips
    1) Drag the time slides
    2) Change the start&end time text field, and press ENTER key
    3) Click start&end time text field and click the steppers to change each field
    4) Click the start&end screenshot, it will jump to the correspond timestamp
    5) From the menu or use shortcuts.

2. How to use the embed FFplay?

A:the embed ffplay is a powerful and efficient video player.
1) Left/Right Arrow: Move Backward/Forward
2) Q key: quit the player
3) S: Step frame
4) Space key: Pause replay
5) Mouse right click: video jump to the click point
Please goole “FFPlay” for more more shortcuts


This App use binaries from FFMpeg binary, thanks very much to the great FFMpeg project and
the developers for the great job!

Supported Operation System

• macOS 10.12 or later
• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor


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