USB Drive Clone Pro 1.02 Free Download [Latest!]

USB Drive Clone Pro 1.02

The USB Drive Clone 2022 software creates a precise sector-by-sector copy of a USB drive, including but not limited to MBR (Master Boot Record), boot records, OS boot loaders, partition tables, active partition flags, and all partitions as well as space in between. Even hidden partitions can be duplicated. USB Drive Clone software recognizes more than 293 partition types, even if an unknown partition type could be duplicated without extra effort. The software does not rely on the file system or the operating system on the USB drive; it could be Windows, Linux, Unix, MacOS, or any other OS with a good number of partitions. Bad sectors can be detected by the software, and the software always tries 3 times to read the data out of the bad sectors. In case you would like to make an accurate copy of a to-be-damaged USB drive and attempt data recovery as much as possible, just give it a go! The software becomes handy for those who desire for an exact copy of a USB drive.

USB Drive Clone software supports more than 20 USB drive controller brands, such as Intel, Samsung, Micron, Phison, SMI, Marvell, Toshiba, Silicon Motion, PMC, Sierra, OCZ, JMicron, Maxiotek, Goke, Greenliant, Fusion-io, Realtek, SanDisk, Western Digital, Hyperstone, Novachips, VIA, and FADU.The professional version of USB Drive Clone software allows you to more accurately and efficiently duplicate all the data on a USB flash drive, thumb drive, pen drive, and other USB storage device to another one.

USB Drive Clone PRO FEATURES Overview :

• Clone USB drives 20 times faster.
• Support storage device up to 256 TB.
• Low Level format USB drive not recognized by Windows
• Support USB drive with multiple partitions.
• Retrieve serial number of USB drive.
• No product orientation nor other advertisement.

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