Tekken 3 PC Game Full Version Free Download [Latest!]

Tekken3 Full Game Full Version

Tekken 3 is the fighting game. There is no storyline. It’s just a simple game of fighting in the arena. The best thing about this game is that every other character in the game has unique abilities and powers to strike back. Some of the powers are magical while others have skills according to martial arts and kung fu. All the other characters made in the game are more likable and there is more than 25 character in the game, which you can choose and play. The power meter gets low according to the skills of a character. There are combo shots and strikes with the help of them you can win your game with a lesser time. It is a multi-player game but you can also challenge your PC. There is a different kind of matches in the game that you can choose and fight with each and every player in the game.

 Tekken 3 Game Features :

  • It’s a 2D game but the best fighting game
  • More than 25 characters to play with
  • There are a lot of fighting skills and techniques
  • Every player has a unique fighting ability and skill
  • There is a training mode for the practices sessions
  • There are more than 20 other combo strike techniques

Tekken 3 Screenshot :

tekken-3-pc game screenshots

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