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Tarma InstallMate 2019

Tarma InstallMate 2019 is designed to make software setup files for Microsoft Windows operating systems with low volume distribution, simple and clean interface, easy installation and easy removal. No programming required; Includes an intuitive and comprehensive development environment.

Tarma InstallMate 2019 New Features :

Small and fast :

Distributed packages are small, fast and compact compression drives, with built-in installation packages that save download time and disk space.

DLL Formats :

Creates DLLs

A wide range of installation items :

You can install files, folders, shortcuts, registry values, file extensions, COM and DCOM classes, and more.

Visual Development Environment :

Easy to use from the development environment with the division of projects and pages, plus extensive help and toolbars

Tarma InstallMate 2019

Support for Windows Mobile installation :

You can create a Windows Mobile installer program

Flexible Symbolic Symbol :

The symbolic expression can be used for many purposes, including the registry path, file path and folder path, and system and runtime information.

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