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SystemRescueCd 6

SystemRescueCd 9 is a rescue disk burned on a CD. it is a Linux-based rescue disk and it can be installed to the CD-ROM on the flash drive. This tool can help you troubleshoot your system and save the broken systems in emergency situations. Many tools are provided on this disc, including troubleshooting, repairing and fixing bug fixes, tools for mounting NTFS drives, network configuration, network services, search tools, anti-virus, and so on.

SystemRescueCd 9 2022New Features  :

  1. Supports Samba and NFS network file systems
  2. Create, edit, copy and restore hard disk partitions
  3. Backup data
  4. Different tools for debugging and repairing the system
  5. Various tools for hard disk partitioning
  6. Ability to use other kernels at boot time
  7. Possibility to create custom disk boot for users
  8. Different tools for working with hard drives

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