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Super Launcher

Super Launcher 2021 is an admin launcher that persists in the system tray that can launch programs quickly; optionally, with administrator rights, as another user, or both.

Super Launcher 2021 New Features  :

Effective, yet discrete
This program allows you to add any app or file’s shortcuts to its interface and access them from there.

And the nice thing about it is that it stays mostly hidden. When you open it, the application minimizes to the system tray, and it will return there every time you click anywhere else on the screen.

So instead of having to keep everything scattered all over the desktop, you can just add them to Super Launcher, and they will only appear when you bring it up from the tray.

No more right-clicking for admin rights
As we mentioned in the beginning, the program is good for solving two issues. Saving up space on your desktop is only half of what it can do.

Everything you double-click from Super Launcher will be automatically run with admin rights.

Yes, that is correct, you don’t need to right-click on an app and look for the “Run as Administrator” option anymore, as this program will take care of that for you.

Anything else?
Well, that’s about it. And expecting anything else from it would actually be unfair.

Yes, for some people, it wouldn’t seem like it does much. There are those who only use the PC to watch movies, and this program would serve them no purpose.

But for people who do a lot of other stuff on their computer, Super Launcher can be more than useful.

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