Stepok Recomposit Pro + Rus With Crack

Stepok Recomposit is a program designed to mask and decompose photos or simply separate an object from the background.

 In the program, you can view, sort, process images (in single and batch modes) received from various digital devices, create photo albums, slide shows, print pictures, improve image quality, add effects, inscriptions, frames, eliminate unwanted objects, get rid of noise , skin defects, red-eye effect. The program functions as a standalone application as well as a plug-in for Photoshop.


Stepok Recomposit
It has advanced masking algorithms, which allows you to accurately isolate the desired object from the general background and correctly fit it into another image. Recomposit comes with a great intuitive interface. All tools have clear shortcuts and have their own context menus that allow you to easily move from one process to another. When you select any photo, the program will open a dialog box in which you will be offered options for processing processes.

Supported RAW formats:

  • *.RAW,*.RW2 from Panasonic
  • *.NEF, *.NRW from Nikon
  • *.CRW, *.CR2 from Canon
  • *.ORF from Olympus
  • *.MRW from Minota
  • *.RAF from Fujifilm
  • *.PEF, *.PTX from Pentax
  • *.DCR from Kodark
  • *.ERF from Epson
  • *.DNG from Adobe
  • *.ARW, *.SRF, *.SR2 from Sony
  • *.RW1 from Leica
  • *.BAY from Casio
  • *.SRW from Samsung
  • Stepok Recomposit Pro + Rus With Crack
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