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StableBit DrivePool 2022

StableBit DrivePool 2022 Overview :

A state of the art disk pooling application with file duplication.

Monitor the health and activity of your devices using a real-time interactive dashboard.
Get notified as soon as anything goes wrong
On your Apple and Android devices with our mobile apps.
Through the web browser (using web push).
Over email.
With worldwide SMS.
Or via Twitter.
Browse through historical statistics and monitor incoming metrics in real-time.

StableBit DrivePool 2022 Features :

Live Connection
A live bidirectional connection to the StableBit Cloud servers enables enhanced real-time communication capabilities and features.
Application Settings Synchronization
Backs up your settings and persistent application state to the cloud and synchronizes them with other applications connected to the same StableBit Cloud account.
Enhanced Update Delivery
Enhanced update delivery supports multiple release channels and leverages the StableBit Cloud to deliver updates to you in real-time as soon as they’re released.
Centralized License Management
Centralized license management lets you manage all of your licenses from one place. Apps are automatically activated and deactivated as necessary, making licensing simple.

Hierarchical Pooling
Create storage pools from other storage pools.
Add a new pool to an existing pool, just like a regular drive.
Specify separate folder duplication and file placement rules at each point in the pooling hierarchy.
With StableBit CloudDrive, combine multiple cloud storage providers into one large encrypted pool. *
Create local / cloud hybrid pools where some of your data is stored locally and some of it is stored in the cloud.

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