Notepad++ 8.4.7 Final + Portable With Crack

Notepad++ is a free text file editor (replacing the standard Notepad) with support for the syntax of a large number of programming languages, designed to work in the MS Windows operating system.

Main features of Notepad++:

  • Text highlighting and the ability to collapse blocks, according to the syntax of the programming language
  • WYSIWYG (you print and get what you see on the screen)
  • User configurable syntax highlighting mode
  • Auto-completion of the typed word
  • Simultaneous work with multiple documents
  • Simultaneous viewing of several documents
  • Support for Regular Expressions Find/Replace
  • Full support for dragging text fragments
  • Changing Viewports Dynamically
  • Automatic file state detection
  • Enlargement and reduction
  • Support for a large number of languages
  • Notes
  • Highlight brackets when editing text
  • Macro Recording and Execution
  • Notepad++ 8.4.7 Final + Portable With Crack
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