Native Instruments Traktor Pro Plus

 Native Instruments Traktor Pro Plus

Traktor Pro 3 is one of the most powerful software for professional DJing. It allows you to create mixes, apply sound effects, mix audio recordings in digital formats. Traktor Pro 3 is the flagship music mixing and processing software used by disc jockeys in bars, beach clubs and other dance venues around the world.

Program features:
• 4 virtual decks;
• Allows you to create mixes “on the fly”;
• Function of definition of rate with automatic synchronization;
• Multi-channel mixer;
• Crossfader;
• Four-band equalizer;
• Sensitivity adjustment (manual and auto);
• Ability to change the pitch in real time;
• Supports MP3, WAV, AIFF, Audio-CD, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, non-DRM WMA (Windows versions only), non-DRM AAC;
• Import iTunes tags;
• Narrow-band and band-pass filters with frequency control;
• Installation of up to 10 locators and loops for each track;
• MIDI control;
• Reverse playback.

Program features:
Mixer FX. Pionee DJ has been using a certain effect layout for a long time – many DJs have liked it. In Traktor Pro, a menu with effects appeared several times, but none of the versions turned out to be truly breakthrough, so the developers peeped a ready-made solution from competitors and skillfully implemented it. Mixer FX allows you to add effects to each channel/deck and control them through the filter knob, while it is completely independent of traditional FX;
• User interface. Since the creation of version 2.6, users have been asking to work on the interface. Now the appearance has become darker and more contrast. The colors have been replaced with those familiar to Native Instruments products – some elements are very similar to Maschine. New knobs, faders, clocks and more are perfectly readable in the club haze;
Elastique Pro 3 Time Scratching Algorithm. A powerful algorithm for cleanly speeding up and slowing down a composition. A fundamental change in tone allows you to enter and exit the pits without breaking the integrity;
• Additions of premises. The sound at the beach and house party should be different due to the environmental conditions. Traktor Pro 3 is able to adjust the work of the mixer and sound card to the situation;
• Tractor Scratch. Scratch is no longer positioned as a standalone software – it is built into the Pro 3. Now everyone can use DVS with any setup, but timecode vinyl is indispensable;
• Reverse playback.
• Mixer Bypass. Outputting the raw audio signal to the output. Useful for professional disc jockeys working with expensive equipment;
• Hop, Skip, Land On-Beat. New percussion or vocal offset effects that sync with others to create depth.

OS: Windows 11/10 – x64

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