Maxprog FTP Disk 1.5.2 With Crack

FTP Disk is a powerful FTP client that allows you to connect to FTP servers, browse directories, create files and folders, upload and download files, edit text files with the built-in editor, view images, change permissions…

Key features
• Identify and use your native language when possible.
• A single interface to simultaneously view remote and local files to facilitate their transfer.
• Visual and interactive directory panel for ease of navigation.
• High speed simultaneous downloads and uploads, including direct uploads to disconnected servers.
• Support for FTP and FTPS protocols.
• Built-in text editor for editing remote text files and a tool for viewing remote images.
• Support for duplicating, copying and moving files and folders.
• Advanced editor of file permissions.
• A complete server manager with support for an unlimited number of favorite directories.
• Full handling and control of FTP errors.
• Detailed connection protocol, including all commands sent to the server and responses received.

Maxprog FTP Disk 1.5.2 With Crack

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