iShot Pro 2.2.6 macOS With Crack

iShot Pro 2.2.6 macOS With Crack

iShot is an excellent, full-featured area screenshot, window screenshot, multi-window screenshot, long screenshot, shell screenshot, time-lapse screenshot, quick annotation, texture, color picking, screen recording, audio recording, OCR, screenshot translation tool on Mac.


① Area screenshot, window screenshot
Supports frame selection screenshots, intelligent recognition window screenshots, and custom screenshot shortcuts.

② Multi-window screenshot
Press the screenshot shortcut key, then Shift, and click on multiple windows to take screenshots of multiple windows.

③ Delay full screen screenshot
Delay full-screen screenshots, support countdown sound playback, and use to capture windows that are not easy to select.

④ Take a screenshot of the last screenshot area
Use the shortcut keys to quickly take a screenshot of the area where the last frame was selected.

⑤ Screenshot window under cursor
Use the shortcut key to directly capture the window under the current mouse without activating the window.

⑥ Screenshot rounded corners and shadow effects

⑦ Screenshot to open quickly
After completing the screenshot, you can double-click Option to open the picture with a custom App, so that your screenshot and editing can be seamlessly connected.

⑧ Save/Storage
• Support saving to clipboard and local
• Support saving to the clipboard and saving to the local
• Support single save as, custom save name and format
• Support HD and SD image quality
• Support jpg, png, tiff screenshot saving formats
• Support output color standard pictures

Long screenshots, scrolling screenshots
• Select the scrolling screenshot area, then press the “S” shortcut key and slide the screenshot area upwards to start taking a long screenshot. The length of the long screenshot is unlimited.
• Support automatic scrolling of long screenshots.

With shell screenshot

After taking a full screen screenshot, match your picture with a beautiful Mac shell mockup, high-end and elegant.

• After the frame selection area is supported, click the map button to map;
• The sticker library will store the record of the sticker.
• After supporting the texture, right-click, mark and modify the texture image.

Quick Marking
① Marking function
Rectangle, circle, horizontal line, arrow, brush, mosaic, text mark, serial number label, local highlight;

② Quickly adjust dimension and transparency

③ Rich annotation styles
Arrows, mosaics and other annotation tools provide a variety of styles to choose from, making your annotations colorful.

Color picking function
• When you press the screenshot shortcut key, the magnifying glass will display the color name under the current cursor, press R, G to copy the RGB and HEX color codes, and supports custom color codes with powerful functions.
• Support native, normal RGB, SRGB, Adobe RGB, P3 multiple color gamut standards

Screen recording function
• Supports screen recording of various resolutions and FPS in Ultra HD, HD and SD;
• Support for recording the internal sound of the system;
• Support for recording online meetings

• Support recording function, recording anytime and anywhere, a good helper for business people.
• Support for recording the internal sound of the system

OCR text recognition
• After selecting the screenshot area, click the OCR button to perform text recognition, which is convenient and easy to use
• The OCR function supports QR code recognition and prioritizes QR code recognition
• Support OCR continuous recognition mode
• Support OCR to cancel line feed

Screenshot translation
• After selecting the screenshot area for OCR recognition, perform translation

Supported Operation System

• macOS 11.6.8 or later
• Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

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