HyperSnap 8.16.15 + Crack [Latest!]

HyperSnap 8

HyperSnap 8 is used for shooting the desktop environment, making it easy and quick to capture the Windows screen, the game environment, and even capture text from places where copying of texts is not normally possible. Along with various features for shooting, this program has a complete editor for editing images that requires the side software to edit captured images.

HyperSnap 8 Features :

  • Upload files to FTP server
  • Automatic placement of colors
  • Ability to capture non-rectangular windows
  • Full tools for image editing, capture, and managing captured images
  • Convert and save images in 20 different formats
  • Auto-scroll when shooting long images or webpages
  • Autosave of captured images

HyperSnap 8 is very simple to design and has two Ribbon styles and a classic mode for its user interface, which users can choose on their own. When you take pictures of long pages, such as web pages, or pages of a PDF file and so on, it automatically scrolls to the end, and then the program produces and delivers a final image with fast processing

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