Helicon Focus Pro 8.0.4+ Crack !

Helicon Focus  Pro 7

Helicon Focus Pro 8 is used for focusing on imaging. As you know, today macro or micro imaging is hard to do without focusing. With this software, you can take advanced and complex technology of focusing on your images after taking pictures. If you are not able to create high-focus images with your camera, this software can fix your need for this.

Helicon Focus Pro 8 Features :

  • Benefit from a very powerful user interface
  • User benefit from very professional workflow tools
  • Utilize the 3D Viewer Helicon 3d Viewer to view and store
  • Use 16-bit processing to preserve colors and details of images
  • Benefit and use advanced technology in processing your operations

  • Multi-core processing of your data in order to maximize performance

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