Gadwin ScreenRecorder 4.5.0 Full Version !

Gadwin ScreenRecorder 4

Gadwin ScreenRecorder 4 allows you to create movies quickly and easily with automatic recording functions, mouse tracking, and more. This software allows you to capture cursor movements, menu selections, pop-up windows, layered windows, typing, sounds and everything else you see on your screen. Gadwin ScreenRecorder is versatile and extremely easy-to-use. Just click the record button to begin recording. Its as easy as that

Gadwin ScreenRecorder 4 Features :

-create video tutorials
– create demonstration videos for any software program
– record a recurring problem with a computer so users can show technical support staff
– create video-based information about courses/training/etc
– create videos answering FAQs
– record tricks-n-techniques

Gadwin ScreenRecorder is designed to be simple and easy-to-use – just click the Record button.

  • Capture video directly to your hard drive
  • Makes it easy to share your movies by giving you easy upload to YouTube
  • Records the entire screen or any selected portion
  • Zoom into any area of the recording to better show the details and focus the viewer’s attention
  • Auto-Pan feature focuses the recording window on the cursor
  • Mouse highlighting spotlights the location of the cursor
  • Record video alone or video and audio simultaneously
  • Record audio from your microphone and speakers simultaneously

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