FBReader Premium 3.0.38 Final

FBReader Premium 3.0.38 Final

 FBReader . The application supports the main formats, these are fb2, ePub, Kindle, PDF, cbr, cbz, rtf, doc, html and plain text.FBReader Premium Mod Apk . FBReader for Android is a free ebook reader, supports many formats such as ePub, rtf, FB2 (zip), mobi …. and is rated as the best reading app on Android phone

Screen Shoot

FBReader can use external TrueType / OpenType fonts and the background is also changed as desired. In particular, this book reader also includes a browser / downloader to access various online book catalogs in many supported languages ​​such as English.

 French, Russian, Chinese …. Here, Readers can track information about their favorite and new books, as well as view details of the main content of each work. However, users should note that many books need to be paid to be able to download and read on the device.

App Features

  • FBReader is a popular (20+ millions installs) multi-platform ebook reader.
  • Supports popular ebook formats: ePub, fb2, mobi, rtf, html, plain text, and a lot of other formats.
  • Provides access to popular network libraries that contain a large set of ebooks. Download books for free or for a fee. Add your own catalog.
  • Highly customizable. Choose colors, fonts, page turning animations, dictionaries, bookmarks, etc. to make reading as convenient.

Reviews Of App

Brady Tippit: Highlighting a word then tapping for the definition brings up an “Install Dictan” dialogue box leading one to believe that FBReader only works with Dictan.

 It works perfectly with Livio. It takes some tinkering to get this to work. FBReader should simply display a list of available dictionaries then let the user choose one from the preinstalled list. If none found then suggest Dictan etc etc.

Daniel Sanford: The only ebook reader I have ever needed – includes a Text-to-Speech module so I can listen to my ebooks while on the go. Great display, very usable.

Ragnvald Räder: Love this app, but v3.0.16 can’t display CBR books! No problem with CBZ format. Please fix! UPDATE: Uninstalled Premium, reinstalled Free v3.0.16 + CB plugin and once again I can read CBRs. Bumping up another star.

UPDATE 2: Uninstalled Free, reinstalled Premium, can still read CBRs. Chalk my problem up to a solvable library glitch.

Ian Campbell: The best of the 7-10 e-readers I’ve tried so far. My two biggest wants? Add more customization options for areas on the screen to turn pages.

Many other readers such as Prestigio are highly customizable in this regard. This really is a pain. 2nd is more minor, but please fix the progress bar at the bottom of the screen. There is no mark on it to indicate progress, which makes it fairly useless. Apart from that, very good!

Rudy Tan: Great app. It would be nice if it can support file that is more than 200MB. Or maybe just let us upload the big files directly to the cloud (google drive) and FBReader server just make a fake/initial meta data by scanning the cloud folder so we can download it in devices.

Once we download the file, the local device can make a proper meta data and upload it to FBReader server. A bit roundabout, but this way it won’t burden much on FBReader’s server, but the users at least can have all their books uploaded. And hopefully the iOS version also support PDF files.

Premium features:
• Modern look of the library (list or bookshelf)
support • Comic book support (CBR/CBZ)
• You can look up the word in an optionally installed dictionary. You can translate a whole phrase with a Yandex or Google translator without leaving the program

Download FBReader Premium 3.0.38 Final for ARM (13.1 MB)

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