Electrodoc Pro 5.2 + Plugins With Crack

Electrodoc (formerly ElectroDroid) is a powerful collection of tools and reference books for all kinds of electronics developers.

 A very advanced reference for any of the radio amateurs. The handbook will be of great help to both students and engineers.

 The application is equipped with a clear user interface, as well as a quick search for information in the relevant sections.

 Supports work on tablets.

• Color coding of resistors;
• Pick up colors at face value;
• Coding chip resistors;
• Color coding of chokes;
• Ohm’s law;
• Calculation of reactance/resonance;
• Filters;
• Voltage divider;
• Resistance ratio;
• Last. and parallel. resistors;
• Capacitor in series/parallel;
• Capacitor charge;
• Operational amplifier;
• Resistor for LED;
• Calculation of the zener diode;
• Adjustable voltage stabilizer;
• Calculation of NE555;
• Thermal regime;
• Battery life;
• Calculation of the inductor;
• Calculation of voltage drop;
• Calculation of the width of the PP tracks;
• Power calculation;
• Y-? conversion;
• decibel converter;
• Frequency converter;
• Analog-to-digital converter;
• RMS converter;
• Range converter;
• Connector Pinout (USB Pinout, COM Pinout, LPT/CETRONICS Pinout, Ethernet Pinout, Power Source: Network Adapter,

RJ Pinout, SCART Pinout, DVI Pinout, HDMI Pinout, Display Port Pinout, VGA Pinout, S-Video Pinout, VESA Pinout Connector, Jack Pinout, FireWire Pinout, RCA Pinout, DIN Audio Pinout,

XLR & DMX Pinout, ATX Pinout, PC Connector Pinout, EIDE/ATA to SATA Pinout, PS/2-AT Pinout, 25 Pair Cable Color Code, Color-coded fiber optic cables,

MIDI pinout, MIDI/Game port pinout, Apple 30-pin pinout, Apple Lightning pinout, PDMI pinout, OBD-II auto connector pinout, ISO car audio connector, Trailer connectors, SD pinout -cards,

SIM/smart card, Raspberry Pi pinout, LCD pinout, GPIB/IEEE-488 pinout,Thermocouple color coding, Arduino pinout, JTAG pinout, BeagleBone pinout);

• References (PIC ICSP / AVR ISP Connectors, ChipDB (m/s pinout), USB Specifications, Resistance Table, AWG and SWG Wire Sizes, 
…and much more!


Electrodoc Pro 5.2 + Plugins With Crack

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