ElectroCalc – DIY Electronics v3.4

ElectroCalc – DIY Electronics v3.4

ElectroCalc app is mainly focused for Power Electronic circuit calculations for all electronic people. This app is helpful who are showing interest towards electronic circuits that can able to calculate circuits as given below.


Electronic calculators:

• Resistor Value from Color code;
• Resistor Color code from Value;
• Resistor Value From Image;
• SMD Resistor Code Calculator;
• Ohm’s Law;
• Conductor Resistance Calculator;
• Voltage Divider;
• Current Divider;
• RMS Voltage Calculator;
• Voltage Drop Calculator;
• LED Resistor Calculator;
• Series and Parallel Resistors;
• Series and Parallel Capacitors;
• Series and Parallel Inductors;
Capacitive Charge and Energy Calculator;
• Parallel Plate Capacitance Calculator;
• RLC Circuit Impedance Calculator;
Reactance Calculator;
• Resonant Frequency Calculator;
• Capacitor Code and Value Converter;
• Frequency Converter;
• Inductor Color Code;
SMD Inductor Code and Value Converter;
• Inductor Design Calculator;
• Energy Storage and Time Constant Calculator;
• Zener Diode Calculator;
• Adjusting Voltage Regulator;
• Battery Calculator and Status;
• PCB Trace Calculator;
NE555 Calculator;
• Operational Amplifier;
• Star Delta Transformation;
• Transformer Parameters Calculator;
• Transformer Design Calculator;
• Decibel Calculator;
Attenuator Calculator;
• Stepper Motor Calculator;
• Passive Pass Filters;
• Active Pass Filters.
• Solar PV Cell Calculator;
• Solar PV Module Calculator.


• LED 7 Segment Display;
• 4 Digit 7 Segment Display;
• LCD 16×2 Display;
• LCD 20×4 Display;
• LED 8×8 Dot Matrix Display;
• OLED Display;


• LED Emitted Color Table;
• AWG(American Wire Gauge) and SWG(Standard Wire Gauge) Table;
• Resistivity and Conductivity Table;
World Electricity Usage Table.
• Logic Gates Table;
• Electronic Symbols.

You can download  ElectroCalc – DIY Electronics v3.4  from the link below…

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