Electrical engineering manual v62 With Crack

Electrician’s guide for professionals and amateurs. 

This application is a kind of springboard for further study of electrical engineering.

That’s all you need for those who want to get a basic knowledge of electricity:
– basic theory, written in simple language. Briefly about electrical voltage, current, short circuit, Ohm’s law and so on;
– interactive wiring diagrams for electrical appliances (switches, sockets, motors);
– calculators and spreadsheets.

Read this electrician’s guide to understand how electricity works in your home.
This application will be useful to anyone who wants to improve or refresh their knowledge in the field of electrical engineering.

Observe strict compliance with electrical safety requirements when working with electrical equipment. Electricity is not seen and not heard! Be careful!

The application has more than 55 articles, as well as 7 calculators. Articles will be added and updated periodically, offer your options.

In the application, you can also find tickets and tests:
– 2, 3, 4, 5 electrical safety groups.
– First aid
– Fire-technical minimum
– Work at height

Electrical engineering manual v62 With Crack

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