EasySysprep v4.5.31.611 Final English !

EasySysprep 4 

EasySysprep 4.5 is IT sky produced a Windows operating system package deployment aids. It is based on the Microsoft system preparation tool sysprep.exe program as the core, to Microsoft’s official document as the theoretical basis, combined with the majority of system engineers, system maintenance personnel, system enthusiasts of the actual experience, the system package deployment of the organic integration of the steps. Easy Sysprep has its name, and strive to complex Windows operating system packaging process becomes simple and practical.

EasySysprep 4.5 Features :

Easy Sysprep is the best assistant for installers, system engineers, system maintenance personnel, computer enthusiasts to deploy the system, andintegratedwith the universal driver assistant to become a complete system deployment solution, the mechanical repeat system installation process Jane is simple. ES greatly reduced the system deployment time, enhanced system deployment efficiency, saving manpower and time costs.

Easy Sysprep 4.5 Hardware support:

IT sky after years of accumulation in the field of system packaging and deployment, long-term extensive absorption of integrated user comments, formed a set of independent disk controller driver solution (see SkyIAR ), support the vast majority of mainstream PC IDE, AHCI, or RAID mode. In a complex hardware environment, so that the system deployment as much as possible to achieve universal.

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