Easy Projects Outlook Add-In for Desktop With Crack

Easy Projects Outlook Add-In for Desktop With Crack

Easy Projects is a project management platform that replaces the mess of spreadsheets, emails, and whiteboards into a single, simplified work-space.

Perfect for project tracking, task checking, quick task updating and attaching files without leaving Outlook.

Easy Projects Outlook Add-In for Desktop

  •  Two-ways synchronization
  • Project and task management
  • Convert and link emails with activities
  • Time tracking


Two-Way Sync

Task Management

Time Tracking

  • Automated time tracking of email processing time

Linked Emails

Sync projects and tasks

  • Import Easy Projects items into native Outlook tasks and folders.Tasks are displayed hierarchically inside project folders.
  • Use Outlook flexibility to configure view mode and task filtering.

Tasks-to-calendar import

Calendar-to-project export

  • Choose calendar and specify destination project. Convert meetings and appointments into tasks.

Project and task management

  • Create and update teamwork items right from Outlook.

Weekly time logs

  • Form your weekly time logs in convenient window. One week – one record. 2 minutes to fill.

Mailwork time tracking

System Requirements

  •  Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 7

License Type:

  • Professional, Enterprise

You can download  Easy Projects Outlook Add-In for Desktop With Crack from the link below…

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