EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional / Technician 13.2

 EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional 

EaseUS Todo PCTrans is a tool for secure and correct transfer of data and applications from one computer to another, including all settings. When buying a new PC, users one way or another are faced with the need to transfer important data and configure all the necessary settings, programs, services manually, which is inconvenient and time consuming. In this case, this utility will come in very handy.

This program allows you to transfer data to another machine in two ways:
• directly by connecting two PCs with a cable or via a wireless network,
• creating a settings image file on an old PC, which then needs to be unpacked on a new one.

The application automatically scans the selected computer, showing the number of applications and files available for transfer, as well as their size.

 All you have to do is specify the new machine correctly (for direct transfer) or create an iso file. If necessary, it is possible to selectively transfer the necessary folders and files.

In general, everything is quite simple and reliable: do not waste time and effort on setting up a new computer and installing the required applications, ensuring a comfortable data migration from an old PC using EaseUS Todo PCTrans.

Key features:
• Transfer applications and data via network connection or image file.
• Transferring selected applications and data from one computer to another.
• Migration of selected applications and data from the previous OS to the new one after the upgrade.
• Applications may require re-activation on a new OS or computer.
• Backing up and restoring files, partitions, operating system, etc.

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