DW Contacts & Phone Pro With Crack

DW Contacts & Phone & SMS is a unique application that contains a huge number of useful features: dialer,

contact and group management, sending SMS and MMS messages, e-mail messages, as well as the ability to play melodies.

DW Contacts & Phone & Dialer is a powerful program that can successfully replace many of the applications that your phone is based on.

 It contains a very convenient list of contacts, it will help you quickly navigate through an extensive database. 

The application can fully work in many languages. There are tons of options to customize the design and display.

 In addition, it is important that the program supports voice search.

Key features:
• Search for contacts by any field (name, nickname, phone number, organization, notes, address, email, relationships, websites, birthday, etc.) + voice search
• Write notes in the call log
• Create and manage reminders for each contact
• Speak the number or name of an incoming call
• Display of call time in “Missed Calls”
• Unlimited number of calls
• VoIP support: System SIP, Viber, Skype, Fring, GrooVe IP Lite, MobileVOIP, BT SmartTalk…
• Transfer of contacts (text, VCard) via SMS, email, etc. • Batch mode for mass sending SMS ,
MMS, Email to single- and multi-selected contacts, groups, organizations, positions
• Call widget: advanced view of incoming call (shows organization, group, notes, group picture, call notes)
• Filter calls: block calls on any days and time periods
• Contact filter: filter by groups, positions, companies, address, etc.
• Call Statistics: Shows the duration of your call. When the free time ends, a notification is displayed.
• Contact information: displays all information about the contact in one place (sms, call log, call statistics, events)
• Grouping contacts by address
• Very flexible design of each tab (sort order, fonts, size, color, transparency)
• Customizable contact list view (display and sorting can be configured depending on the parameters (last name, first name, alias, organization, number, notes, etc.))
• Support for multi-level groups and subgroups (subgroups are created through “/” eg: Business/ VIP = Business+VIP)
• Setting ringtones by single- and multi-selection (for contacts, groups, organizations, positions)
• Event management and notifications for all contact events (birthdays, anniversaries, anniversaries)
• Call bar and dial pad are scalable and resizable. You can change the background, color, font size
• Auto redial
• Support for two SIM-cards when calling (not supported by all devices, as there is no open API)
• Speed ​​dial pad: you can assign up to 1000 numbers. For example, when dialing the 100th number, enter #100
• Backup and restore vCard contacts while preserving groups
• Most features are available by Long press + (press and hold) on any item or using the *Menu button
• Multi-language support ( thanks to the enthusiasm of users helping with the translation for DWC)
• Dial pad (phone) with T9 search – has many customization options according to your wishes:
• calls and dial pad are scalable and have adjustable size, background, color, font size
• full and customizable T9 search in all fields Contacts
• Icons for contact, call, SMS, email
• Speed ​​dial management (long press 0-9)
• Last number speed dial
• Call log display
• Ability to edit number before calling
• Voice dialing

DW Contacts & Phone Pro With Crack

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