Coolmuster SignPub 2.1.15 + Patch ! [Latest]

ePub is reflowable, which means it can be adapted to different devices as need. But, for more modifications of the ePub files, a helpful ePub editing software is undoubtedly a necessity. Coolmuster ePub Editor comes here to meet your needs. SignPub does what it is supposed to do. I have used it for several times and I’m quite satisfied with its functions. I often edit the images, change covers and modify the fonts in my ePub files, and the effect is really excellent! Pretty worth a try!

Powerful Ability to Edit ePub Text and Typos
Feel hard to change your ePub book font size, or modify some wrong words? Take it easy, you can do it with this Coolmuster ePub Editor software with one simple click.
Edit text/XHTML: The marvelous software allows to edit the text or XHTML files in an ePub files easily. You can even adjust the fonts, embed text or tables to your ePub files, or adjust the fonts to feast your eyes.
The author, title, series, type, and many other metadata of ePub eBooks can be modified or created as you like.

Beautify Your ePub Files with Various Effects
For some people, they like to add bookmarks, or add some special effects to their ePub books to highlight some important words, sentences or a paragraph, so that they can find these points quickly at the next time. This recommended ePub Editing software comes with various editing effects for your reference.
Dropcap and other visual effects can be added to your ePub books to make your files beautiful and redouble your eBook reading.
Be able to customize the cover for your ePub books and select use your favorite image as the cover for your ePub book.

Insert Images to ePub Book
Image files in various formats such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and more can be embedded in any part of your ePub eBooks with ease. Those texts wrapping around pictures are also supported.
Delete images: Needless or wrong images in your ePub books can be removed easily by choosing the image and click “delete” key or the “Delete” option from the tool bar.
Have the ability to resize any images in your ePub files as you like.

100% Reliable Windows App
You can load a batch of ePub files and change the effects on them at one time.
Totally clean without any virus, spyware or adware. It is 100% reliable that you can rest assured of using it to edit ePub eBooks and files on PC without any hassle.
Equipped with an ePub validator to check if your book conforms to the ePub standards. Besides, it also provides easy access to spell checking with the default and user configurable dictionaries.

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