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COMSS Boot USB 2019

COMSS Boot USB 2019: Bootable USB flash drive which contains 12 anti-virus scanners for testing and treatment of computers and laptops. The boot USB from COMSS.RU contains 11 anti-virus scanners for checking and treating computers and laptops. Also, there are utilities for testing RAM and hard disk, and for working with disk partitions.

COMSS Boot USB 2019 Features :

– Antivirus Live CD 29.0-0.101.2 (2019, zk1234) – Console antivirus scanner ClamAV.
– Avira Rescue System (2016-09-16, Avira Operations) – Ubuntu OS with Avira antivirus scanner, file manager, web browser, Gparted, RegEdit. Online update.
– Comodo Rescue Disk (2013-04-16, Comodo Group) – Linux OS with an antivirus scanner Comodo, file manager and web browser. Online update.
– Dr.Web LiveDisk (2019-05-06, Доктор Веб) – Linux OS with Dr.Web anti-virus scanner, file manager and web browser. Online update.
– ESET SysRescue (2018-05-21, ESET) – Linux OS with ESET SysRescue antivirus scanner, file manager, web browser, Gparted. Online update.
– F-Secure Rescue CD (2014-09-01, F-Secure) – Antivirus scanner F-Secure. Online update.
– Kaspersky Rescue Disk (2019-05-06, Kaspersky Lab) – Linux OS with Kaspersky Anti-Virus scanner, file manager, web browser, RegEdit. Online update.
– Norton Bootable Recovery Tool (2019-01-21, Symantec) – Linux OS with Norton antivirus scanner, file manager and web browser. Online update.
– Sophos Bootable (2019-05-06, Sophos) – Bootable Anti-Virus Sophos.
– Tencent Rescue Disk (2017-05-17, Tencent) – Linux OS with Tencent anti-virus scanner, file manager, web browser, RegEdit, FixMBR.
– Windows Defender Offline (2019-05-06, Microsoft) – Antivirus scanner Windows Defender Offline. Online update.

– AOMEI Backupper 4.0.3 (2017, AOMEI) – Backup and Restore.
– DFSee 16.0 (2019, Jan van Wijk) – Working with hard disk partitions.
– DiskCheck 4.3.0 (2013, Miray Software) – Testing and diagnostics of hard disks.
– GParted live 0.33.0-2-i686 (2019, – Working with hard disk partitions (create, modify, delete).
– HDAT2 6.5 (2019, CBL) – Testing and diagnostics of hard disks.
– HDClone 8 Free Edition (2018, Miray Software) – A program for creating backups and images from physical and logical disks.
– HDD Regenerator (2011, Dmitriy Primochenko) – Diagnostics and repairs of hard disks.
– Hitachi Feature Tool 2.16 (2009, Hitachi) – Working with Hitachi hard disks.
– Hitachi Drive Fitness Test 4.16 (2009, Hitachi) – Testing Hitachi disks.
– MHDD32 4.6 (2005, Dmitry Postrigan) – Low-level analysis of the hard disk.
– PartitionGuru (2016, Seagate Technology) – Working with hard disk partitions.
– SeaTools Bootable v2.1.2 (2018, Seagate Technology) – Testing and diagnostics of hard disks Seagate, LaCie, Maxtor, Samsung and other.
– SeaTools for DOS 2.23 (2011) – Working with Seagate Hard Drives.
– Victoria 3.52с (2005, Сергей Казанский) – Checking the hard drive for errors.
– WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics 5.27 (2016, Western Digital) – Diagnostics of Western Digital hard disks.

– Offline NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Password Changer (2014, Petter Nordahl-Hagen) – Reset passwords for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7.
– FreeDOS 1.2 Installer ( – Install FreeDOS on PC.

1) Format the USB device in FAT32 (you can use standard Windows tool).
2) Copy the contents of the ISO image to the USB device.
3) Run the “CREATE_BOOT_USB.bat” (with administrator rights) file on the USB device.
4) In the console, enter the letter of the USB device and press ENTER.
5) Following the console instructions, press any key and wait until the boot loader is installed.
6) Press any key to log out of the console. The USB device is ready.

Copy your boot images to the _ISO folder on the USB device. It supports files with extensions * .ISO, *. IZ, *. IMG, *. IMA, *. GZ, *. FIR, *. WBL. Windows installation images are not supported.

Whats New:
Add Partition-Saving 4.60 (2019)
Updated AntivirusLiveCD 29.0-0.101.2
Updated Dr.Web LiveDisk (2019-05-06)
Updated GParted 0.33.0-2-i686 (2019)
Updated HDAT2 6.5 (2019)
Updated Kaspersky Rescue Disk (2019-05-06)
Updated Norton Bootable Recovery Tool (2019-01-21)
Updated Sophos Bootable (2019-05-06)
Updated Windows Defender Offline (2019-05-06)

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