Bulk Whatsapp Sender + Serial Keys !


Bulk Whatsapp Sender 5 An ultimate WhatsApp Messaging solution with a wide collection of option and services give the user more flexibility when they are sending their campaigns.

Bulk Whatsapp Sender 5 New 2020 Features:

  1. Multi Account(Multi Channel
  2. MultiFile Sending
  3. Better Handling
  4. Multi language
  5. Multi Themes
  6. Group Poster
  7. Turbo Mode
  8. Complete solution
  9. Smooth way of sending
  10. Full Source Code
  11. Multi Accounts
  12. Sending Unlimited Messages
  13. Send Multi-multimedia message(Photos, Videos , Documents)
  14. Whatsapp Numbers Generator
  15. Whatsapp Numbers Filters(Support Multi-Accounts)
  16. Whatsapp Groups Contacts Grabber (Get Whatsapp contacts from groups)
  17. Anti Block Module
  18. Multi text message (reduce chance of blocking)
  19. Advanced Internal dialogs (reduce chance of blocking)
  20. Sleep Control after X amounts of messages
  21. Connection Speed control
  22. Delay Between message
  23. Sending Customized Message.

How To Activate Bulk Whatsapp Sender 5 ?

  • Download And Install Bulk WhatsApp Sender Setup .
  • Use Serial Keys Or Keygen .
  • Apply and Done.

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