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Advanced Uninstaller PRO 12

Advanced Uninstaller PRO 12 remove all damaged Start Menu shortcuts, to hide or show them at any time, and to alphabetically sort the entire Start Menu. The program can find and delete temporary files left behind by Windows, Internet Explorer, and other applications. You can also tweak Internet Explorer configuration settings, manage and uninstall fonts, uninstall unwanted Control Panel applets, and perform other system tasks efficiently.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO 12 Features :

 Uninstall, disable and enable Control Panel icons.

 Disable or delete the programs that run at startup.

Remove items left behind in the Add/Remove section after program uninstall.

Manage the fonts installed on your computer.

– Hide, show or sort your Start menu shortcuts. Automatically find and delete the non-working shortcuts on your desktop and Start menu.

Uninstall Internet Explorer toolbars, plug-ins and BHOs (Browser Helper Objects).

Find and delete garbage and temporary files.

Delete the recently open files list of programs such as Microsoft Office, Windows Media Player, ICQ, MSN, WinZip, RealPlayer, Kazaa, Morpheus, WinAmp, etc.

Delete the Internet history trail (information about the pages you visited, addresses you typed, cookies, etc).

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